Hernia limedigital March 25, 2024

Hernia Surgery

Most inguinal hernias can be repaired with laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery. Tiny incisions are performed under general anaesthetic, the hernia is reduced and a piece of mesh is placed to cover the defect. Sometimes this is referred to as a hernioraphy.The type of laparoscopic mesh I use does not require use of tacks which can potentially cause pain. Laparoscopic repair allows a far quicker recovery, less pain, and an earlier return to work. This is largely because the repair is tension free as opposed to a suture repair.

Sometimes open surgery needs to be performed because of hernia or patient factors. These considerations would be fully discussed with you.

The Mesh debate

Mesh is a woven suture material either using polyester or polypropylene. Prior to the use of mesh surgeons sometimes did a surgical darn. Unfortunately this provided an inferior result with more pain and higher recurrence rates.

Mesh has received significant media attention because of complications in womens’ incontinence surgery. These complications have been quite serious and debilitating for women resulting in chronic pain and eventually requiring mesh removal. 

This concern has lead to patients asking the question about the safety of mesh for hernia repair. Pleasingly complications regarding mesh are rare in hernia surgery for those patients who are otherwise generally fit and well. The mesh has a very fine calibre with wide pores and is readily incorporated into the tissue to provide a strong matrix for repair.

Weight loss surgery is only part of the equation.

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