Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency can manifest in various symptoms, including:

  • Fatigue: Feeling excessively tired and lacking energy.
  • Bone and muscle pain: Weakness, achiness, or tenderness in bones and muscles.
  • Osteopaenia and Osteoporosis (Bone thinning)
  • Frequent infections: Increased susceptibility to infections due to compromised immune function.
  • Depression: Mood changes, feelings of sadness or low mood.
  • Impaired wound healing: Slow healing of wounds or injuries.
  • Hair loss: Experiencing increased hair shedding or thinning.

To treat Vitamin D deficiency, there are several remedies:

  • Sun exposure outdoors in sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D naturally. Aim for around 15 minutes of sunlight exposure on arms, legs, and face, without sunscreen, a few times a week.
  • Dietary sources: Include foods rich in vitamin D in your diet, such as fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines), egg yolks, fortified dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese), fortified cereals, and mushrooms.
  • Supplements: If you have a severe deficiency or cannot get enough vitamin D through sunlight and diet alone, your doctor may recommend vitamin D supplements. The recommended dosage can vary based on individual needs and should be determined by a healthcare professional.
  • Medical treatment: In cases of severe deficiency or underlying medical conditions affecting vitamin D absorption, your doctor may prescribe higher doses of vitamin D or other treatments tailored to your specific situation.

It’s important to consult with a healthcare provider for proper diagnosis and treatment if you suspect  Vitamin D deficiency, as they can provide personalised guidance based on your health status and needs.

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