Symptoms of Obesity:

  • Excessive body weight
  • Increased body fat accumulation, especially around the abdomen
  • Difficulty in performing physical activities
  • Breathlessness
  • Joint pain, especially in the knees and hips
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Psychological effects such as low self-esteem and depression

Treatments for Obesity in New Zealand:

  • Dietary changes: 

Adopting a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains can help manage weight.

  • Exercise: 

Regular physical activity, such as brisk walking, swimming, or cycling, is crucial for weight management and overall health.

  • Behavioural therapy: 

Counselling and behaviour modification techniques can assist individuals in making sustainable lifestyle changes.

  • Medication: 

Some medications may be prescribed by healthcare professionals to aid weight loss when combined with diet and exercise.

  • Bariatric surgery: 

For individuals with severe obesity who have not achieved success with other methods, surgical intervention may be recommended.

Expertise of Surgical Weight Solutions and Medical Weight Solutions:

  • Comprehensive evaluations: 

Surgical Weight Solutions provides thorough assessments to determine the most suitable treatment approach for each patient.

  • Multidisciplinary approach: 

Their team consists of experienced surgeons, dietitians, psychologists, and other specialists who collaborate to deliver personalized care.

  • Advanced surgical options: 

Surgical Weight Solutions offers a range of minimally invasive procedures, including gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, with a focus on safety and effectiveness.

  • Ongoing support: 

Patients receive continuous support and guidance throughout their weight loss journey, including pre-operative education, post-operative care, and long-term follow-up.

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