Gastric symptoms


  • Nausea: Feeling of sickness, often preceding vomiting.
  • Heartburn: Burning sensation in chest due to stomach acid.
  • Bloating: Feeling of fullness or tightness in abdomen.
  • Indigestion: Discomfort or pain in upper abdomen during or after eating.
  • Gas: Excess air in digestive tract, leading to bloating or discomfort.


  • Antacids: Neutralize stomach acid to relieve heartburn.
  • Probiotics: Restore healthy gut bacteria balance.
  • Dietary changes: Avoid trigger foods like spicy or fatty meals.
  • Medications: Prescription drugs for underlying conditions like GERD or ulcers.
  • Lifestyle changes: Manage stress, eat smaller meals, avoid lying down after eating.

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